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Dream Together

Tap into your group’s creative potential. Crowd source, develop and review ideas. Spark opportunities for collaboration along the way!


Fund Together

Distribute decision-making power by distributing money; if people want projects to happen, they get to put their money where their mouth is. Invite others to chip in via fundraising!


Realize Together

Share progress and celebrate achievements so everyone can see what was made possible, learn together and get inspired. Showcase what you are capable of!


You’re in good company

Networked organizations and professional associations

Enabling members to decide and track the spending of collective funds (e.g. from membership fees)

World Wildlife Fund

WWF Switzerland uses Cobudget to make more visible the projects that different regional WWF groups are currently funding. This makes it easy for groups to share feedback with each other, collaborate on and even co-finance each other's projects–allowing for more ambitious, cross-regional projects in the long term.

Swiss Climate Fund

The Swiss Climate Fund supports grassroots climate activism projects in Switzerland. Cobudget allows them to run a transparent, multi-lingual, open process where climate activists from all over the country publicly share ideas and request funding for climate impact projects. The funding decisions are made by a group of the climate activists themselves, with funding rounds of up to 156 000 EUR.

Granting bodies

Making submission and granting processes transparent

Co-working and co-living spaces

Crowdsourcing ideas and pooling money towards them


Blivande is a creative hub in Stockholm that offers facilities, tools and materials for artists and ‘makers’ to do their work. They use Cobudget for their members to generate ideas and decide together how to spend part of the revenue from membership fees, such as on new tools for their workshop.

Simple pricing


For one-time use


  • One Cobudget round, with unlimited users and buckets
  • Customize your round: choose your currency, privacy settings, guidelines, deadlines and more!
  • Customize your bucket template
  • Crowd-review features
  • Admin & moderator features
  • Crowdfunding for buckets via Stripe (coming soon)
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For recurring use by groups


or 200€ per year (save 17%)

Everything in Starter, plus

  • One Cobudget group, with unlimited members and rounds
  • Customize your group page, with a group URL, description and logo
  • Group admin features
  • Accept donations as a group (coming soon)
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For white-label needs

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Everything in Group, plus

  • A custom instance on your own domain
  • Your own branding
  • Integrations (ex. Discourse, Discord, Slack)
  • UI in other languages
  • Dedicated support
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Our story

Cobudget’s origins go back to 2014, when two different self-organized communities began (independently from each other)  experimenting with collaborative funding: the Enspiral Network from Aotearoa New Zealand, and The Borderland community from Scandinavia.

Thanks to the initiative, drive and technical skills of a handful of members of both those communities, their fledgling collaborative funding practices were quickly turned from spreadsheets into software prototypes, leading to the creation of two different tools: Cobudget and Dreams.

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