Cobudgeting is a practice that allows groups to allocate resources collaboratively and transparently through a participatory proposal process.

A word of advice:  Getting the right set up and having a clear onboarding process goes a long way in helping your cobudget round run effectively; it’s well worth investing time into design and preparation!



For groups who want hands-on support, we also offer advisory and process design services.

Contact if you’ve decided to try cobudgeting and want support to...

  • Design the overall process to fit your context,
  • Build participation and transparency in the budgeting process
  • Develop tailored material for onboarding and support
  • Craft powerful invitations and catalyze engagement
  • Facilitate introductory sessions and workshops

Engagements typically start with a pre-work package, an ideation session, and reviews and support to build material. Our team is mainly based in Europe, has experience ranging from public, private to pirate, and has a preference for asynchronous tools like Google Docs and Slack.

You are using Cobudget. Source code available online.
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